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Arthritis Pain Relief

Your body can heal itself


The MyPhield Therapy Cushion provides a BioResonance boost, to re-enable normal growth and repair.

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MyPhield - Coherent Tissue Communication From BioResonance

Long-term satisfaction for life - MyPhield provides comfort for knees, hips, spine, hands, feet and neck and relief from soreness caused by joint disorders. It puts you back in control of your life with long-term results. It's safe, easy and effective to use in the comfort of your own home. MyPhield does not eliminate or cure arthritis, but you can expect to progressively feel better with less pain and more flexibility and mobility, resulting in positive lifestyle changes every time you use it. Long-term comfort (weeks to months) is achieved with sustained use.

No side-effects - Over 10 years, and thousands of users, with no side-effects. MyPhield's BioResonance technology is safe and effective because it emits biophoton fields that are identical to those produced by our healthy tissues.

Significant cost savings -Save hundreds of dollars every year by reducing your reliance on pain relief medication and other expensive therapies that provide only short-term relief. MyPhield is a cost effective one-time purchase for healthy joints and greater mobility for life.

Ease of use that puts you in control - Simple instructions guide you all the way.

Comfort- Relax in your favorite chair and place the MyPhield Therapy Cushion directly on the sore area. 

Read more about MyPhield healthy joints. Learn how MyPhield works: watch the video.

Purchase MyPhield TodayLearn how MyPhield works. Watch the video.